IoT Connectivity

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

A Smart City is the ongoing practice of creating a city with enhanced quality and performance of services to reduce costs and enhance live-ability for the citizens and visitors.

Smart Industry

Smart Industry

Smart Industry is the practice of computerizing manufacturing and industrial practices for a positive impact on society, governance and the environment.

Smart Rural

Smart Rural

Smart Rural is the practice of observing, measuring and responding to situations with the aim to optimize returns while preserving resources and reducing management intensity.

Areas of expertise

  • Services

    GeoWAN offers a number of network services to suit your needs focused on cost-efficient solutions.

  • Connectivity

    GeoWAN is connecting the unconnected, without boundaries. Our form of connectivity enables you and your world to communicate.

  • Devices

    GeoWAN's push for innovation and supply is driving disruptive devices to be used in the physical world.


What is LoRaWAN™?

You can find detailed introduction to LoRa® and LoRaWAN™ in the pdf file under the link below:

Introduction to LoRaWAN™

The LoRa® name and associated logo are trademarks of Semtech Corporation or its subsidiaries.

How can I access your network?

Please contact us for details!

Do I need to connect the gateway to the internet that I purchased from your GeoWAN distributor?

Yes, you need to connect the GW to the internet via an ethernet cable, so your the GW can relay the packets from your end-devices to the GeoWAN Network Server.
This can done through your ISP or a standard 3G modem or a satellite terminal.

How much does it cost to host my GeoWAN gateway on the GeoWAN Network Server?

It is free to connect any GeoWAN GW model that was purchased from your GeoWAN distributor! Please note that internet connection is necessary between the GW and the GeoWAN NS.

For end-device connectivity, please contact us for our connectivity price list.

Can I connect my non-GeoWAN GW to the GeoWAN NS?

The GeoWAN GWs have been designed and tested to work with our NS solution. These GWs with the NS provide a robust commercial connectivity for your devices. So, unfortunately no third-party GWs can be connected to our NS.
However, you can still connect any third-party end-nodes that are LoRaWAN™ AU spec ver.1.0.3 compliant!